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Seed To Harvest

Harvesting Cones Christmas trees are started by harvesting the cones of genetically superior trees
Harvesting cones from trees that were planted in 1945
Sifting process Harvested cones are dried and sifted to remove seed.
Sifting process
Current seed beds The ground is conditioned with fertilizer and peat moss. This process is very similar to the preparation of a vegetable garden. The seed is sown in the fall and germinates in the spring.
Current seed beds
Transplanting from seed beds After three years in the seed bed, the seedlings are then transferred to a transplant bed on a 6" by 6" grid. This spacing allows for lateral branching. View the Youtube video of the digging of seed beds.
Transplanting from seed beds
Current transplant beds The trees remain in the transplant beds for two years.
Current transplant beds
Field planting process At the age of five years, the 3-2 transplants are harvested and field planted.
Click here to view YouTube video of the field planting of 5 year old Christmas trees
Field planting process
Fertilizing eight year old trees. The trees will remain in the field for seven to ten years and are fertilized annually.
Fertilizing eight year old trees.
Shearing with knives Each year, every tree is pruned by hand to produce the ideal shape and density.
Shearing with knives.
Cutting trees Harvesting the trees is a very labor intensive process that needs to be completed in a short period of time in order to ensure freshness.
Cutting trees with a chainsaw
Baling Christmas Trees
Baling Christmas Trees
Shipping Trees
Loading trees on trucks

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