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Hello from the Weir Family! We hope everyone had a great start to the 2024 year! We again travelled to the Dominican Republic for vacation in March and it did not disappoint. A week of perfect weather and sunshine with family and friends was a great way to break up the long winter. During the winter, Jay and our long time employees, Jeff and Doug, kept extremely busy logging and completing maintenance on farm machinery and vehicles. There is always something that needs attention on a farm! We were also able to fully enjoy the solar eclipse on April 8th from the comfort of the farm with family and friends. We were in the path of 100% totality and the experience was simply amazing and awesome!

Eclipse Viewing

Last Christmas was very successful and we thank all our new and returning customers for their loyalty and business. Our wholesale customer base is made up of some of the best people and we look forward to working with them for many years to come. We did note that our choose and cut is growing every year. A lot of new customers made the long trek north to our farm in search of taller trees and selection. Due to our rural location, a lot of people are traveling up to four hours for a Weir Christmas Tree and we appreciate it. We hope to see you all this season! We do allow early tagging of Christmas trees in the Fall, but we do ask that you call or e-mail before visiting the farm to tag. We also had the pleasure of providing a tree for Washington Square Park in New York City - it was a stunner and is pictured below.

Washington Square Park Tree in New York City

Currently, we are on the tail end of our nursery season. We did not have a particularly cold winter so the frost was up and out of the ground early. We were able to start digging April 15th. We have not been able to dig that early in over ten years! Due to the extraordinary amount of rainfall we received last summer, our oldest transplants did not fare so well. Although many of them did not die, they did turn a yellowish color. The yellowing can be attributed to the fact that the amount of rain washed away significant amounts of fertilizer and the trees were essentially "drowning". We are hoping for a much drier growing season this year. Transplants were 90% sold out by December, so we encourage our nursery customers to order by September. We also welcomed back three of our H2A migrant workers from South Africa. We picked up Elex, Dylan and Justin from the airport on April 12th and they will be staying with us until the third week of November. The work they provide has enabled us to continue to expand the farm and we would truly be lost without them.

H2A migrant workers from South Africa

In terms of wholesale Christmas trees, we are sold out for the 2024 Christmas season. We anticipate that we will have a larger harvest in 2025 and at that point we will start taking on new customer accounts. We appreciate all the new inquiries for wholesale Christmas trees!

Our boys, Jackson and Cooper, are now seventeen and fourteen years old. When raising children the days are slow, but the years go by fast! Jackson is still a three sport Varsity athlete who somehow still manages to work part time and make the Honor Roll each quarter. He recently was able to journey to London, Paris and Barcelona on a ten day school trip. He was able to see all the sites the three cities had to offer and we can see a lot of traveling in his future. He will be graduating next year so we have a busy year of senior activities ahead of us! Cooper is graduating the eighth grader this year and then we will have two high schoolers on our hands! He is looking forward to moving up to the Varsity level in sports and will enjoy three seasons of play with his big brother before he graduates. Cooper has proven to be very gifted as a machine operator and is taking on more small jobs around the farm that require the operation of skid steers, front end loaders, mini excavators, and tractors. Our two boys continue to make us proud every day! As always, feel free to e-mail, call or visit. We hope to hear from you all very soon!

Jackson and Cooper Weir, Jay and Christie's sons

-The Weir Family

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